Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bob the Tomato

Amelia and I made some spool dolls. She said they were just like Bob the Tomato on Veggie Tales. She was delighted with them. I didn't plan to make them look Asian. It just came out of me that way when I began to paint the faces. I hope these aren't offensive!
They provided hours of entertainment--at least for one afternoon.

Somehow this scene is familiar.

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The Self's said...

What a cute fun idea! I especially love the tiny little toilet...every family needs one of those :)

Becky said...

Love these! What a cute idea! Do 3 of you normally use the toilet all at once? :)

Emily said...

How fun! I like the Asian eyes. It makes them seem a little more unique. :)

Todd and Veronica said...

They are so cute. I specially like the yarn used for hair...they look Tibetian! ha,ha, lol. So cute, I love them!!! Too bad we didn't live closer, I could learn all these fun trades from you. (: