Monday, September 14, 2009

Yorkshire Pudding

I'm new to Yorkshire Pudding--I don't remember ever having it growing up. Justin did have it growing up and so he made it one evening. I liked the idea of such an old English recipe and thought it would be fun to explore it.
After some research I made these. To get them so high (there are many contests in England on the height) you have to add a ton of eggs. The recipe I looked at called for EIGHT eggs. Well I just couldn't do it. So I added three eggs and then six egg whites which would be the equal of six eggs all together--- but healthier. They got nice and high, but as you can guess they had a strong egg taste. You usually eat the pudding with gravy from a pot roast but with the eggy taste they are eggsellent (sorry!) for breakfast with maple syrup or jam.
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