Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Helping the coach

Justin announced the other night that Malachi and Amelia could sit on the bench during the next game and help it out. I have to admit I was quite leery of this idea, but I wasn't going to give up the chance to be able to watch the game without them pestering me the whole time. Lets just say things could have gone better. I'm not sure if Justin has his head in his hands because of something that happened during the game or because of the kids.
Soon into the game I noticed Amelia starting to do acrobatics on the seats. This was not a good sign.

After attempting headstands on the seats she went to pretending she was a nun with the towels.

Next Amelia was completely off her seat and had gotten Malachi involved in her next scheme. They began riding on the ball cart which was behind the players. Then they began fighting who was going to ride and who was going to push. I was mortified that no one over there was stopping them. Nobody on the spectators side was watching the game they were busy watching the kids. Everyone around me was making comments like, "Look at those kids!" and "All those balls are going to end up on the court!"

Finally someone grabbed the cart from them. But five minutes later they came running around the court to me to ask me for some food. Now everyone knew they were my kids. I tried to get them to sit down next to me so that I could control them somewhat. Amelia starts yelling, "Put me down!" Meanwhile Elijah is trying his hardest to get out on the court himself.

Even though it's blurry this picture really shows how well it went. That is an assistant coach desperately trying to get this kid to leave him alone.
The game did end well for the team, but man I went home and gave them a bowl of cereal for dinner and put them to bed.

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The Self's said...

This may be a little shallow of me, but it always makes me feel a little less insecure about my mothering skills when I see that other mothers kids aren't always "little angels" (I often call my kids that in hopes that some day they'll emulate that phrase). Thanks for giving me a good little chuckle...sorry it was at your expense ;)

emily said...

ok, sorry but that post totally had me cracking up..... did you ever figure out if it was the game or the chaos with justin's head in his hands?!!! love that they busted you by running up to you! also- great idea for the valentines books....