Friday, January 21, 2011

easy art for kids

The kids love art projects, and this is a great one for little kids. Also it's something they can hang in their rooms and be proud of---and oh my, they are proud! I picked up some 18x24 canvas from A.C. Moore. This size canvas is normally seventeen dollars a piece, but in January they are on sale for 5.99. Then all you do is try your best to make a picture with painter's tape.
Once they are done painting just peel off the tape to complete the picture.

It's such easy wall art that they can do themselves.
I had to guide Elijah quite a bit with his. He has one love right now and it's trains. I also had to persuade him to branch out from the color blue, which is the only color he even wants to talk about. This project is a bit old for a two year old, but he is at that age where he will NOT be left out of anything!!

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Teddy said...

I love this. Thanks for the idea.