Monday, August 1, 2011

Mulberries and peanuts

We have three  mulberry trees about 80 feet tall in our yard. Mulberry trees produce a lot of berries and they can produce for centuries. This house was built in 1720 and so it's just shy of 300 years old. I can only imagine all of the families that have enjoyed the berries from these trees.

spring2011 105

We can only to get at about 1/3 of the berries but that was still enough to make a good batch of jam made with a lot less sugar so you can actually taste the fruit.

spring2011 107

I really try to help the kids to think about making something before buying it. We made jam together and then I thought we would make peanut butter. This way they can see it's really quite easy to make things. A little bit of knowledge will really help with confidence in being less reliant on the big companies for food. Plus I want them to be aware of exactly what's in their food.

summer2011 179

We put a bunch of peanuts in the food processor with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and bit of honey. This can be done with almonds as well, or any nut for that matter.
summer2011 180

summer2011 181

With the homemade bread it becomes a simple, healthy, independent lunch. Pin It


The Great Lakes of NY said...

just caught up on the blog posts I missed. I LOVE the way you raise your kids and live your life. YOu are my idol! Seriously. Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration. We just love your sweet family!

Tar Heel Freemans said...

it's fun haveing someone so like minded so close. maybe our kids won't thing we're so crazy.