Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Malachi has an unhealthy obsession with The Magic School Bus Series. He wanted to be a bat from The Magic School Bus Going Batty. He flies around the house and yard using his echolocation--"ping, ping, ping." Isn't he the cutest bat you've ever seen?

Okay, so Amelia wanted to be a butterfly for halloween--she's such a girl. But, I convinced her that it would be fun to be Max from Where The Wild Things Are. I had made the costume two years ago for Malachi and thought it would be an excellent idea to reuse it--give me a break I'm eight months pregnant.

Showing her terrible claws!

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BECKY said...

I almost died of shock! You guys have a blog! I love the black bucket for an astronaut's helmet. I guess it would give you a sense of being in space, being that you can't see a thing in it! The pix are adorable. Keep up the bloggin!

Terry EchoHawk said...

Justin looks sooooo official siting up at the podium!! Hope all is going well for your career. From the pics it looks as if your family members are all happy and healthy - happy for you all. Would like to see more pics of mom and dad!!!
I love these blogs! Helps us keep up with friends and family everywhere.
Terry EchoHawk

emily said...

yeah! you guys finally have a blog up and running! i just got done checking out the whole thing! your kids are hilarious! great job on the spaceship birthday cake if that was you. and yes, justin you do look very official in that picture! looks like you are a better blogger than me already laurie! thanks for sharing. emily

when is the due date?

mmclinger said...

Yeah I love that you have a blog finally! Can you believe that you have babies and that they are getting so big and you have never shipped one to me either... I on the other hand am ready to ship my son to you! Your family is beautiful!

ps. put a few belly pics up!

Johnson said...

I have to say I'm not used to seeing Malachi with hair. . . at least not on the top of his head. . . : ) But very adorable Halloween pictures.

(By the way, this is Andrea, in case you didn't know.)