Monday, November 3, 2008


This is the drawing Malachi made of what he wanted his jack-o-lantern to look like. He wanted a smiley face in the middle with little bats on the side. I just love his drawings.

This is what Justin helped him carve and he was mighty pleased with it.

Amelia didn't have much interest in carving her own pumpkin until two days after halloween. I guess that's a typical two year old.

Malachi and Amelia desperately want to live on a farm. Because that isn't in the budget at this point I took them to see Farmer Mark. He took the kids all around his farm, showed them the animals, and answered any questions they had.

This is a picture of the kids with the pumpkins they picked out. Malachi is trying to make a funny face but it looks like he just got a whiff of something not so pleasant. They are standing in front of the hogs.

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