Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Charlie Brown Band-aids

The weather got warm for a few days and we were all excited to be out in the sun to play. Amelia for some reason couldn't stay on her feet. We have a paved driveway that she managed to trip on. She came running in and I put some medicine and band-aids on her. An hour later I hear her screaming again and I look up to see her down on the pavement with her baby doll laying beside her. She managed to scrape her previous band-aids off and add to the wounds on her knees. Thus the collage of charlie brown band-aids.
Even though she isn't showing it, she is quite pleased with her decorated knees.

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Maria said...

I love your kids! They make me laugh. Reading the sidebar of your blog was hilarious... tell the kiddos hi and that we miss them :)

Micah and Melinda said...

Oh poor baby! I hope she is feeling better.

Stephen said...

Poor sweet baby! Kudos to whoever knows what thats from.