Monday, February 16, 2009

V-Day (as in love)

So, I'm not a very sappy person. I don't really like getting flowers, unless they're stolen from some one's yard :) Hey ma remember when Bruce would always steal flowers from yards for mother's day! It's the thought that counts right. But, I am a big fan of candy. And my favorite of all--cadbury cream eggs. Thus the eggs in the shape of a heart. The best ever! It's nice they start putting them out in the stores before valentines day now. Justin also made us chocolate waffles with cherries. It was yum! I love you.
Yes, she thought it was funny to put the straw up her nose. That's my girl!

Malachi is singing a little tune through his straw--that's the Freeman coming out in him.

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Micah and Melinda said...

yea! I used to drink with my nose, it added a sort of booger flavor to the mix! Yeah for egg shaped hearts!

Emily said...

Sarah sticks her tongue up her nose. We all laugh pretty hard when she does it. She is totally my daughter. Sounds like you had a good Valentines day. Looks like a yummy breakfast. :)