Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Art of Pie

A couple of days ago Amelia got a bee in her bonnet and decided she wanted to make a blueberry pie. I agreed to go along with her determination. Now, I decided that because she is three and asking to make a pie I would teach her how to make it from scratch. There is an art to pie making and she tends to lean towards cooking, so I figured I should teach her right from the start.
She was tickled to death at the whole process and was very proud of her work. I'm sure she will be asking to make many more pies and we will be able to try many different crust recipes to find the perfect one.

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Melissa said...

You all seem to have so much fun. I'm a little jealous. Can I be one of your kids too?

Tar Heel Freemans said...

come on over . . . i need a kid that knows how to pick up after themselves.

Justin said...

Melissa, that's assuming you can pick up after yourself.

Melissa said...

'Course I can! You doubt my picking up skills? It's amazing what you have to do when you live by yourself.