Wednesday, August 26, 2009

nap time

A couple of days after finishing Malachi's airplane pillow he was requesting to take it to school. Well . . . I guess I just don't think about these kind of things. They are asked to bring a towel to school for nap time--in my time it was those cushy mats--but that's not the case anymore. So he just has to lay down on the hard floor with a towel and so he wanted to bring the pillow for his head. How could I deny this request? So, I made this little pillow for him to take.
It's not very big or fluffy so it easily fits in his cubby at school along with everything else. He loved it and was so eager to take it to school. He doesn't nap at all, so I know the whole time he'll be pretending to be blasting off in a rocket.
On the back I just stamped these elephants on it from a stamp I had carved a while back. The whole thing took maybe an hour--while the baby was awake! Now he has a little something handmade from his mama to rest on at school.

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Lisa said...

What a lucky boy. How nice to both have a piece of home with him and be the envy of his entire class

Josh said...

I bet all the other kids are jealous.

S. and A. Millar said...

Look at you you creative lady!!!!! I had no Idea you were so crafty!!

Todd and Veronica said...

I love those stamp prints. Are you telling me that you made that stamp design? Wow, it's very vintage lovely...what a 1952 sewgirl you are! (I know that doesn't make sense but I recently saw a button on someone's blog that said "sew like it's 1952"...) ha.