Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Nay and a Yay

A trip to the Farmer's Market. I made some eggplant pizza. The "bread" was the eggplant. It looked really good and the kids were excited to taste it--having no idea it was eggplant. A nay for them. They wanted the kind with the bread. I liked it just fine. Was not a bad way to eat eggplant.
Lots of apples resulted in wild blueberry-apple butter, sauce, and pie filling. It is soooo good and soooo easy. After you've peeled and cored with your apple peeler corer machine pop into the crockpot with blueberries and spices. First I made the applesauce, then the butter, and lastly the pie filling. The applesauce is great for Elijah. I can't wait to use the pie filling. I just put a handful of organic blueberries in to lightly flavor and also to dye the apples. It will make the apple pie so much prettier.

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