Monday, November 23, 2009

Turning One

We had a little celebration for a very special boy.
He has been so much fun to have in our home. I can't imagine our family without him. He has such a sweet personality.

I'm famous for the turning 1 birthday cakes. Rarely are they edible. I try to make them without sugar because the kids usually don't get sugar before they turn two. This time I made the diabetic version of the upside down pineapple cake. It did have a little bit of sugar but I allowed it since it had the same amount that is in my whole wheat bread recipe. Was it tasty? I wouldn't say so. But it wasn't nasty---and that's a big step up!

I had Malachi and Amelia each make a gift for Elijah. Amelia chose a book because he loves to look at them and is always carrying one around. She drew all the pictures about space because "boys like space stuff." I bound it by sewing it together on the machine and she was so proud of her accomplishment. Malachi drew a robot on some material and then I helped him sew it together. He was excited about the opportunity to sew on my machine. He loved the project and was so excited to give it to his baby brother.
I think Elijah had a good day. He loved the attention. His favorite part of the day . . . the candle and the maraschino cherries!

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Emily said...

You're an amazing mom! The things you do. . . I have decided I want to be like you. . . yes, that's a good plan. :)