Friday, January 1, 2010

Trimming the Tree

Every year I've made the ornaments for the tree. Nice ones are so expensive and I like the tradition of making my own. Here are a few I made this year.
These are silhouettes. I love silhouettes and they're always classy. I gave these away, but next year I have plans for all different kinds.

I made a few out of beeswax. These were so easy and pretty. I plan on making a lot more for next year.

I love the look of icicles. These are knitted from a knitting tower. They seriously take a minute to make and so easy the kids can make them.

These are paper cones filled with nuts, gum drops, and peppermint sticks. Next year I plan to make enough and string them as a garland for an advent calender. I'll have to think of what to put in all of them besides candy.

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