Wednesday, December 9, 2009

this little boy

I have to do a post about this little boy. His personality is really starting to come out and it still amazes me how different each child is. Elijah is our first child to have a major attachment to a blanket. I doubt he would survive without it. It's the fringe that he loves. We even had to cut a portion off to take with us when we go out.
The biggest difference I've seen is his draw towards sports. He always has some ball or another in his hands. His favorite game is playing pass the ball back and forth. It's strange to see this difference between Malachi and Elijah. Ever since Malachi was little you could tell that he would like playing sports. But, even at age one you can tell that Elijah will absolutely love sports. It will be a passion for him.

He is always looking out the kitchen window . . . longing to get outside and play. It's funny to hear him barking at all of the squirrels.

Malachi is my super creative child and he is always making something and saves every container he gets his hands on---this comes from the Freeman side! This is a helmet he made for Elijah after he was done with the breakfast that morning.

This is a little pilot hat I made for him out of a wool sweater I felted by washing. He's such a sweetheart!

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Emily said...

Can you explain the felting by washing? I love learning new things. . . did you just have wool yarn. . .