Sunday, November 28, 2010


A special little person in our family turned two this past week.
It was a low key affair with just us--but I think that's how this little boy prefers it.

When thinking of gifts for the kids I try hard to find used items. Most vintage items are better made and are without all the chemicals in the toys made today. Plus there's no extra carbon foot print on the earth. He was extremely pleased with his sturdy new-to-him tractors.
I also try to make at least one thing for them. Because we now live in a colder climate my brain is turned towards staying warm. I came up with this idea of making Elijah a hat that would completely cover his head, not come off during play, and had a built in scarf. I made this one out of an old sweater. I make the kids play outside everyday, even in the cold weather, so easy warm weather stuff is a must.

I think he's as cute as a button. Malachi and Amelia decided he either looked like a bunny with one ear or a green ghost.

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Teddy said...

I'm so happy for you and your family's big move! It looks like such a beautiful place. Happy birthday to the little man. Let me know how it's going up there!

Trish said...

Happy belated 2nd to E from us! He's the cutest little gnome in his new hat! Love and miss you all!

A.J. said...

Looks like a fun historical house you've got--huge fireplace! : ) How cool. I'd love to see more pictures of your new house when you get the time. I also heard about a little girl's haircut. . . everyone's been asking about pictures of her!

Also, please remind Justin that I have him for the Christmas draw--have him email me what he wants at thesoundofrain at gmail dot com.