Monday, February 7, 2011

a christmas gift completed

I've been dropping pretty big hints the past few years to Justin that he needed to learn how to make furniture. He would look at me like I was crazy. But I had confidence and so I kept dropping the hints. Finally . . . finally . . . he committed to making me something. For Christmas I was gifted with a bunch of wood with the promise of a storage cabinet. Well, it has happened! And man I am excited. Justin is much less excited because he knows a list of new items to be built will be handed to him. But oh isn't it beautiful!
I painted it and added a few stencils and now it is ready to be filled.

Shelves . . . glorious shelves. Storage . . . pretty storage!
We only need about four more of these . . . . HA! I keep telling Justin it's a wonderful skill to have, and a skill I want our boys (and Amelia if she chooses) to pick up through the years. I'll have to keep the pressure and the nagging going strong!

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pamassistant2 said...

pretty sweet. does he have all of the tools he needs? if so, I'm quite envious

Cat said...

I would encourage Mela to learn. I've found it quite useful to have the skills and knowledge I gained from helping Dad at work and around the house. The cabinet is beautiful. Didn't know my brother had it in him :P.

Justin said...

He WISHES he had all the tools he needs! Paint, glue, wood filler, and the camera hide an abundance of flaws.