Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phew the snow is gone

It is finally warm in our part of the country. We were beginning to think it was winter all year here. The kids playing outside all day are here again. And the house stays so much cleaner!
Easter came and went. That famous bunny filled baskets with sewing kits, woodworking kits, little notebooks, and a little candy.

During the winter months both Malachi and Amelia managed to teach themselves how to ride a bike. They would go out to play and the next thing I knew they would come running in excited that they figured out how to ride a bike.

And riding bikes they do . . . fast and furious . . . much of the day long.

Another fun thing about the spring are these two lovely ladies that have been added to our yard.

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Teddy said...

Ohhhhh, I love your new pets. We just got chickens...and guess what? After we got them I found out we're not zoned for them...whoops, oh well.

Tar Heel Freemans said...

they aren't our pets--the people that own the farm we live on. i also want chickens---one day when we finally have our own place.

Casey said...

Love the Easter photos...can't believe how big everyone is getting...they grow so fast! Miss you and hope the warm weather continues for you all. SF has been amazing all week...70's!!

Casey said...

Love the photos of the kids...they are getting so big fast they grow! Glad you are finally getting warmer weather after this brutal Winter. SF has been gorgeous this week and heading to a Giants bball game tonight - so excited! Miss you all!

The Great Lakes of NY said...

Laurie, your blog is adorable! I love the things your kids say and the amazing crafts you do with your children. When I was in your home I noticed those darling pillows, can't believe you MADE them! I want to make one when you make the third! You inspire me, I mean it!