Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Malachi turns seven

My oldest turned seven. SEVEN! It's hard to believe I have a seven year old. One of Malachi's obsessions of the past year has been WWII, especially the planes. He makes planes constantly and hangs them from the ceilings all over the house. He insists they add and completely blend in with the home decor.

I am notorious for experimenting with birthday cakes. This year it was the frosting. I used coconut cream (the cream part in the canned coconut milk) instead of butter or shortening for the frosting. I added a bit of flour to thicken and powdered sugar to taste. I've heard you can use honey but I thought that would make it too runny. You can add cocoa powder to it for chocolate but that isn't what Malachi wanted. I didn't add any flavoring to it so it had a strong coconut flavor to it. Which I don't mind, because I love coconut. Anyway it turned out fairly well. Not too sweet. And not full of all the junk that is in regular frosting. You won't get a pretty cake out of it, but it's fine for just a family cake.

Another obsession of Malachi's is the Calvin and Hobbes comics. He reads them constantly! He follows me around the house all day reading them to me as I'm trying to get things done. Probably not the best reading material for a little boy that already tends towards the mischievous side, but at least he's reading. I like making something for the kids on their birthdays and a Hobbes had been requested. So I attempted a Hobbes. I'm far from an expert in the Hobbes making department, but a certain seven year old is thrilled with him.

Out plotting something mischievous I'm sure!

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Teddy said...

How come I never knew you could do all this stuff when you lived here? No wonder you were the Relief Society Pres., you can do everything all those old ladies can do, but just waaaaaay younger. Ha! You know I'm totally kidding, but I am super impressed.

Tar Heel Freemans said...

Ha! Teddy you make me laugh! I knew a lot less back then!!! but i've always been eager to learn from the old ladies!