Friday, November 4, 2011

A visit to Sleepy Hollow

In early October we took the kids to visit Sleepy Hollow. I couldn't live so close and not go around Halloween. We first went to visit the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. It was such a beautiful place. fall2011 083,/div> fall2011 069
We went into the Old Dutch Church, which is where Ichabod Crane was trying to get to when the Headless Horseman was chasing him. They still use it for the Christmas season. fall2011 060
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We walked around the cemetery which is where Washington Irving got many of the names used in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. And we had to visit Mr. Irving's grave as well! fall2011 092
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fall2011 075
And the famous Sleepy Hollow bridge which is a reconstruction of the real one. fall2011 101
Most of the Halloween activities there are said to be too scary for children. But, one thing we could go to was the Blaze. It is a tour of 4,000 carved pumpkins at an old Manor. fall2011 117
fall2011 112
fall2011 138
fall2011 135
fall2011 149
fall2011 151
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