Monday, October 17, 2011

Mock farmhouse table

So I always have these fantastical (that's a fun word to say) ideas. I've always wanted an antique farmhouse table but I've never wanted to pay the price for one. So my fantastical idea ( as Justin rolls his eyes) was to build one. I thought to myself, 'hey we already have a table, lets just pull the top off, and put a new top on!' Lucky for me I have a husband that goes along with these ideas even though he's muttering under his breath the whole time. So off to Lowe's we went and we purchased four 2x10 boards. Plus supporting beams for underneath. What helped a lot, because my way of putting things together isn't always the sturdiest way, Justin was able to find a post about another lady that had the same idea, and so we were able to follow her instructions. See, I'm not the only one with fantastical ideas! fall2011 049
fall2011 051
fall2011 052
I think it turned out wonderfully well, even though it is one heavy sucker. I hope to one day have my own farm house kitchen that is big enough to put the table right in the middle for extra cooking space. So, now I can enjoy my own farmhouse table, one that we put together ourselves (well mostly Justin put together!) and was waaaaaay cheaper. Pin It


Kiasa said...

This is amazing. Brian loves it too. (And he rarely loves anything unrelated to technology. Except me & the kids, of course. ;))

Teddy said...

What a fantastical word, "fantastical". Oh, and I like the table too.