Friday, October 7, 2011

Food Prep

Fall has hit and the air is crisp. It seems that at every turn there is an apple orchard. With the apple abundance I've been making apple butter in the crock pot. fall2011 021
I love apple butter! Because I made it myself, I was able to sweeten it only with a little bit of honey. I will use this apple butter in place of jelly for PB and J. The sugar intake is drastically reduced this way. fall2011 048
I also came across the idea online about freezing individual soups for the winter. I happen to be making a bunch of chicken stock and thought I would continue and make a big batch of chicken noodle soup. I have my own little noodle makers! fall2011 016
fall2011 023
And so I filled these little half pint jars and stuck them in the freezer. Now, these can be taken out and popped in the microwave for individual jars of homemade warm soup for the cold months ahead. They will be great for snacks, or after playing in the snow, to take to work, or on a sick, sniffling day. fall2011 047
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stephanie said...

OK, what have you done with the "real Laurie!" Making homemade apple butter? Wow... great pics dude. You guys look like you do a lot of fun fun great worthwhile things! Jealous of the snow... Steph