Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playing with Snakes

When we moved in a neighbor warned us about Copperheads in the area. So, we've kept an eye out and told the kids to stay away from the ditches, brush, and woods. But, they never do. The other night Justin spotted one in our driveway. Because it was dark it was able to get away. But the next day Justin was able to locate it and kill it. This lovely Copperhead was just hanging out a few feet from where the kids play. Well you think that would be the end of the road for this snake, but no Justin decided it would serve a greater purpose . . . dissect it with the kids.
The kids were completely thrilled and captivated by the whole process.
Justin showed them the hole in the trachea and how it led down to the lungs. Then he had the kids locate the other organs.

Malachi loved this . . . .and here is a snake heart. Next they found the liver, stomach, intestines, etc.

Even though this was gross, I think it's way cool that Justin took the time to do this with the kids. I would have never done this in a million years.
Next they have plans to make something with the snake skin. That should be an interesting project.

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The Self's said...

All I can think of is....gross!

Chris said...

I'm sure Malachi will be the first astronaut to wear snakeskin moon boots!

Judy Haddon said...

Love your blogspot. The dissection was a wonderful teaching idea. It's great that the kids were so receptive. I think it is very interesting. All your photos are wonderful, makes us miss you a lot. The children are so grown up and changed so much since you were here. Love your Valentine idea. How cool. Hope all is well, think of you every time I water the plant you gave me. I pruned it in the spring and it loved it. Any trips out here planned? Love to you from the Haddons