Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a gift for a friend

I hate it when the kids are invited to birthday parties. Is that bad? I hate it because then they want birthday parties of their own, and I hate putting together birthday parties. And I also hate buying presents for kids that the last thing they need is another toy. That is the story of American kids these days---mine included---they have everything, and the toys drive the parents crazy!! So, I tell the kids they have to make the presents for their friends. This forces them to be creative and to work on developing a skill. Luckily, this particular friend was a girl---they tend to be easier to make gifts for--- and she likes to play with dolls. So, Amelia and I put together a little doll quilt. She was much more proud of this present than one she would have bought at a store. winter 2012 001 winter 2012 002 We made a gift bag out of newspaper and the kids decorated it. Gift plus wrapping = $0. winter 2012 004 You can't beat that. Pin It

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stephanie said...

why are you??? I LOVE THIS! If only I had the patience to put together something like this... one day I will - I hope. Love it.