Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well Hello . . .

What a new post?! Well, I thought I should post something this year. Now is the time to do it because in September the new baby will be here and things will get really busy. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this pregnancy. It has been a rough one. I've decided that I'm a horrible pregnant mom. For the first five and a half months I'm so sick that I could care less what is happening around me. The kids can eat whatever they want and do whatever they want and I don't bat an eye. The rest of the time I am purely exhausted and try to move as little as possible. So as you can imagine things have been a little upside down around here. But, I thought I should post something before baby number four is born. A girl by the way!! 

Malachi turned eight. I can't believe I have an eight year old. summer2012 045 

He's acting older too. He asked for a cheesecake instead of a cake with some cartoon character on it. Justin took over making it for him, which was wonderful for me. He also asked for things like a football and a baseball glove instead of toys. Malachi also got baptized. He was soooo excited for this. He had been planning this day for months. Everything went really well and it turned out exactly how he wished. 

baptism 2012 002 baptism 2012 047 

We sure love our not so little boy! Justin's parents came all the way from Arizona to attend the baptism and to visit for awhile. We haven't seen them for two years, so this was a big treat for the kids. summer2012 020 

After all that, the kids went to Virginia to stay for awhile without the parents. This they look forward to this all year. The stuff that goes on when the parents aren't around! And, this was a big break for me. I haven't been without any kids for eight years. I usually have at least one of them with me. There were stories of swimming, and horse rides, museums, peaches, ice cream, sugar cereal (sugar cereal is a big deal in our house) . . . . photo (3)  

It was a bit of a cultural shock coming back home to the parents!! Pin It


Teddy said...

Yay a post!!!! I figured it was the pregnancy. :) When Helen was getting ready to leave to see you guys I asked if I could hide in her suite case. She thought it was funny, even though I was dead serious.

You look beautiful pregnant lady!

Laurie Freeman said...

that would of been so much fun if you could have come!

stephanie said...

Baby number 4 huh!? Wowwy girly... I have horrible pregnancys too - but only from 4PM on. Great to see your beautiful kids. Let me know if you ever take a trip out here to the West Coast - we have room if you guys want to stay! 25 miles from SF and we'd love to see you.