Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

This past month has made us a little tired with a newborn in the house that doesn't like to sleep at night. We did manage to get some Halloween celebrating done though. Not as much as the kids prefer but oh well.
We we able to do a few quick crafts. We made these little felt pumpkins and squashes that I found on pinterest.

fall2012 070

fall2012 071

We also decorated some halloween plates. Malachi has really been into the Legend of Sleepy Hollow this Halloween so he did a drawing of the headless horseman.

fall2012 076

The parents got treated to a Halloween play directed by Malachi.

fall2012 051

The kids carved their pumpkins all by themselves this year. They don't have the most creative designs but I guess that will come with age.

fall2012 052

A few years ago I made these mummy hot dogs for Halloween, and the kids have begged for them ever since. So they had a lovely nutritious lunch of mummy hot dogs.

fall2012 055

Amelia was Raggedy Ann for Halloween, and thank goodness their Grandma Freeman agreed to make her costume! She was such a cute Raggedy Ann!

fall2012 061

fall2012 060

Malachi is studying the Middle Ages this year for history so he asked his Grandmother to make him a Robin Hood outfit. He dresses up in this almost every day. He takes this very seriously!

fall2012 062

fall2012 064

Elijah changed his mind constantly with what he wanted to be for Halloween. We tried to get him to be a pirate, but he wasn't going for it. At the last minute he picked out Malachi's old bat costume from the dress-up box. But, he didn't want to paint his face black and he didn't want to wear the ears.

fall2012 067

Before the trick or treating we had a meal of bloody eyeballs!

fall2012 069

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

fall2012 066

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